db bonus

At 20 pay lines and five reels, Double Bubble is a fantastic video slot machine game that will definitely put a smile on your face.

Their top prize includes a whooping £80,000 and there are five spinning reels in which the winning combinations can be formed.

Every coin you wager will help you activate an additional pay line. The advantage of this slot is that you can play this game for free before you are ready to play with real money.

It also has the most interesting features and symbols, which include scatter and wild symbols, Bubble Pop Bonus feature, as well as Bubble Line feature where there is a chance that your winning can be multiplied by 22 times.

Before you play this slot, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

1. You can play from 1 up to 20 pay lines.

2. The highest win you can get is only based on the selected pay line.

3. The payouts are generally made depending up on the pay table.

4. In case of any malfunction, it voids all pays and plays.

5. There is no rule where you will win only when Bonus Bubble scatter symbol appears on the pay line which is enabled.

6. If you are accessing via Playing for Fun mode, then there may not be certain features that you’ll be able to access.

7. If you win through the bonus games, then it all your winnings will be included in the pay line win.

The Wild Symbol of Double Bubble Slot

The Double Bubble Logo is the wild symbol in this slot game. What it conveys is that the wild symbol can act as a substitute for other symbols in order to complete winning combinations.

As mentioned in the Regular Payout Schedule, multiple wild symbols of Double Bubble Logo are required to enable a winning combination.

But remember, the Bonus Bubble symbol does not activate the Bubble Pop Bonus game.

The Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol is nothing, but the Bonus Bubble symbol in the slot machine. This means that the scatter symbol needn’t appear on the line to activate the pay line for winning.

The scatter symbol will appear only on alternate reels-first, third and fifth. Sometimes the scatter symbol can appear when the Bubble Pop Bonus Feature game is live.

The Bubble Pop Bonus Feature

For every spin, you have the ability to play the Bubble Pop Bonus Feature. When the scatter symbol appears on first, third and fifth reels, the Bubble Pop Bonus feature game is activated.

When this feature is on, the main screen of the slot machine changes and the bonus feature screen will open on the game along with the three bonus bubbles.

You will need to choose one of them in order to get a coin multiplier value, which is completely random. When the game is complete, you will return to your normal Double Bubble game and all your wins are added to the total.

The Auto Spin Feature

You will notice the Auto Spin option, which gives you a chance to choose the number of spins you would like to indulge with the current set of coin size and pay lines.

This will happen automatically without you having to click spin every single time. This feature comes to your rescue if you need to play for longer hours. When you want to cancel it there is a stop button too!