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Double Bubble Slot

db bonus

At 20 pay lines and five reels, Double Bubble is a fantastic video slot machine game that will definitely put a smile on your face.

Their top prize includes a whooping £80,000 and there are five spinning reels in which the winning combinations can be formed.

Every coin you wager will help you activate an additional pay line. The advantage of this slot is that you can play this game for free before you are ready to play with real money.

It also has the most interesting features and symbols, which include scatter and wild symbols, Bubble Pop Bonus feature, as well as Bubble Line feature where there is a chance that your winning can be multiplied by 22 times.

Before you play this slot, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

1. You can play from 1 up to 20 pay lines.

2. The highest win you can get is only based on the selected pay line.

3. The payouts are generally made depending up on the pay table.

4. In case of any malfunction, it voids all pays and plays.

5. There is no rule where you will win only when Bonus Bubble scatter symbol appears on the pay line which is enabled.

6. If you are accessing via Playing for Fun mode, then there may not be certain features that you’ll be able to access.

7. If you win through the bonus games, then it all your winnings will be included in the pay line win.

The Wild Symbol of Double Bubble Slot

The Double Bubble Logo is the wild symbol in this slot game. What it conveys is that the wild symbol can act as a substitute for other symbols in order to complete winning combinations.

As mentioned in the Regular Payout Schedule, multiple wild symbols of Double Bubble Logo are required to enable a winning combination.

But remember, the Bonus Bubble symbol does not activate the Bubble Pop Bonus game.

The Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol is nothing, but the Bonus Bubble symbol in the slot machine. This means that the scatter symbol needn’t appear on the line to activate the pay line for winning.

The scatter symbol will appear only on alternate reels-first, third and fifth. Sometimes the scatter symbol can appear when the Bubble Pop Bonus Feature game is live.

The Bubble Pop Bonus Feature

For every spin, you have the ability to play the Bubble Pop Bonus Feature. When the scatter symbol appears on first, third and fifth reels, the Bubble Pop Bonus feature game is activated.

When this feature is on, the main screen of the slot machine changes and the bonus feature screen will open on the game along with the three bonus bubbles.

You will need to choose one of them in order to get a coin multiplier value, which is completely random. When the game is complete, you will return to your normal Double Bubble game and all your wins are added to the total.

The Auto Spin Feature

You will notice the Auto Spin option, which gives you a chance to choose the number of spins you would like to indulge with the current set of coin size and pay lines.

This will happen automatically without you having to click spin every single time. This feature comes to your rescue if you need to play for longer hours. When you want to cancel it there is a stop button too!

Tiki Island Slot

tiki screenTiki Island slot is a bright and colourful five reel, 20 pay line video slot game that is themed around a beautiful Pacific Island.

This game is offered by Gamesys Group and it features excellent animation and sound effects.

This is a very popular game for a variety of reasons, one of which is that it that offers a £100,000 prize!

This game is packed with all sorts of interesting things such as scatter and wild symbols that help you keep the game going for long.

There are also two interesting bonus games namely Tiki Island Nuts and Puffer Fish Bonus. The Puffer Fish Bonus scatter symbols will be seen on reels one, two and three only, whereas the Coconut Bonus scatter symbols feature on reels three, four and five only.

You can play the Tiki Island video slot game in a wide range of denominations starting from 1p and going all the way up to £10 for every pay line wager.

Since there are 20 pay lines, the minimum amount you can bet for a spin is 1p and the maximum is £200.

tiki innit island slotHowever, you need to remember that your winnings will only come on an enabled pay line. This game can be played in Euros and US Dollars in addition to Pounds.

You can also play this game for free in case you want some quick entertainment for free (in which case you won’t be able to win any money).

Tiki Island is a very generous game and you have lots of opportunities to win coins here. In case you have wins on different pay lines, then they will all be added together.

The Drum scatter symbol will result in a payout even if it appears on a pay line that has not been enabled.

Any wins that happen on scatter and bonus games also result in pay line wins. However, only one winning combination in a pay line will be considered for payment.

In case there are other possible combinations, then the highest one will be chosen.

Puffer Fish Bonus Round

These scatter symbols can help complete winning combinations when they appear on the first three reels.

In case three of these scatter symbols appear anywhere on an active pay line, then the Puffer Fish Bonus feature game will be activated.

During this game, you go into the sea in which you come across brightly coloured puffer fish. When you click on these fish, you can get a shower of coins.

If, however, you click on a fish that doesn’t have coins, then the bonus feature comes to a disappointing end!

Another interesting feature of this game is that all wins are multiplied by the amount of the line bet.

Tiki Island Nuts Bonus Round

These symbols help complete winning combinations when they arrive on reels three, four and five. In case they appear on an active bet line, then the bonus feature is activated in which nine coconuts appear on the screen.

When you click on the coconuts, you will get a bonus prize or a chance to add two credits to the bonus meter for each coconut remaining.

Here too, the win is multiplied by the amount of the line bet.

This game is featured on many online casinos and you can have a great time playing it.

Secret of Horus Slot Game

Secrets of Horus is a five reel game with the ability to enable 20 pay lines, letting you be in control of where and what you bet. The game has a very ancient Egyptian feeling to it, with the symbols all relating, mostly being hieroglyphics, letting you feel like a Pharaoh as you watch your winnings build up. As well as hieroglyphics, there are other noticeable links to Egypt, including the Scarab Beatle, and an image of the God of sun himself, Horus.


How to Play:


In order to play, you must set your wager and bet lines to control how much you are paying out and how much your winnings can be worth. You can choose a bet range of 0.02 through to 0.50 for each spin and you are able to bet a maximum of four coins per enabled bet line. Every additional coin that you add to the game will enable another bet line until all twenty are active. The highest pay-out from this game is 10,000 credits and is followed by a secondary high pay-out of 2,500 credits.


Skill Stop Feature


If you want to be more in control of your spins during Secrets of Horus, you can take advantage of the Skill Stop Feature. A click of the spin button while your reels are in motion will bring them to a stop, giving the player a chance to try their reaction skills to try and get the symbols that they want, either to complete a winning combination and try and get a high pay-out or to try and activate the free spin bonus round that’s available to players. While this option is available in the game, players are not forced to use it and can let the game play through naturally with no human input on spins.


Free Spin Bonus


Across the five reels, if you achieve three or more scatter symbols, this is enough to start the free spin bonus round, allowing you to play with free spins to try and up your winnings without using any of your own coins. You cannot substitute a wild symbol to activate this game and it must be the scatter symbols only – you can see this here.


While this round is in play, you cannot change any of the settings, disable the pay lines or change the worth of your coins. Everything that you play and win here will have the same value as the spin that activated the game and the winnings will be worked out automatically.


Any wins that occur in the free bonus spin round of Secrets of Horus will automatically receive a triple multiplier, meaning even more coins for your wins. If luck is on your side and the Egyptian Gods are smiling down at you, while you are in this game, you can continue to earn free spins and have the potential and possibility to end up with a never ending amount of them. However, once you have used up all the free spins you have, you will be returned to the normal game to continue playing as usual. You will then be able to change the settings again for any future spins. You can access this bonus round as many times as the symbols show up,  in the same way as Twin Spin slot.


The Symbols

Wild Symbol


If you’re lucky enough to get Horus show up on your reels, he counts as a ‘wild multiplier’, which means that as well as substituting any other symbol in order to create a winning bet line, he can also add worth and value to your wins by doubling the value of your coins. The value of this will depend on what your wager for this spin was and how many coins you placed down per pay line. This symbol only substitutes the regular symbols and does not count towards the scatter symbol or to gain you access to the bonus round.


Scatter Symbol


The Scarab symbol is a scatter symbol in Secrets of Horus, allowing this symbol to show up along any of the reels and on any pay line in order to be part of a winning combination. It does not need to land on an enabled pay line to count, even an inactive one will class as winning symbol if two or more of them appear. If your spin receives three or more then you are entitled to start the free spin bonus game and will be given fifteen free spins.


To Win


Match three or more regular symbols to create a winning bet line in Secrets of Horus with the exception of the scatter symbol which creates a win with two matching symbols. The more symbols that you manage to match can boost the pay-out that you receive. The worth of every coin that you win depends on the wager on the spin that won it, and will be worked out automatically without the need of the player to do so.