Quite a number of slot players will only start playing progressive games online when the jackpots on offer via those jackpots are high and are overdue. If this is something you are interested in learning more about then please read on!

The logic behind those slot players playing progressive slots in that way is that every slot which has been available online for a number of years will have a history in regards to when their respective jackpots are awarded to players.

As such by taking a note of the average amount of cash won on a progressive slot and also knowing how any days, weeks or months usually pass before those jackpots are won, a player can then make a much more informed decision of when to play them.

Whilst it is of course possible a jackpot could be won at any time, by knowing just how often they area warded to players, and the average amount won you could get an increased chance of actually winning one of those often life changing jackpots.

Below we have highlighted several of the most played Playtech designed and supplied progressive slots games which are available at hundreds of different casinos online. Alongside each of those slots you will find the all important average progressive jackpot hit rates.

Tiki Island Slot – One slot game which often has a huge jackpot attached to it is the Playtech supplied Beach Life Slot. In fact the average amount won by players of this colourful slot which does come with a beach type theme is a massive $/€/£ 1,475,655.07. For reference this slot on average awards it jackpot every 45 days, based on the jackpot history of the slot.

Lotto Madness Slot – If you fancy playing slot which offers free spins and an ever growing progressive jackpot then Playtech’s Lotto Madness slot is worth playing! The jackpot attached to this slot is never as large as the one attached to the above slot game and on average is it won every 35 days and the average jackpot value is $/€/£  88,801.53.

Cinerama Slot – An older video slot game form Playtech which has been around for many years now is the Cinerama slot. This game is a very easy to play slot and one on which the average amount won by players of its progressive jackpot is $/€/£ 43,708.18. That jackpot is a very regularly awarded won as it is won on average every 22 days!

Diamond Valley – One final slot game which you may enjoy playing is Playtech’s Diamond Valley slot game. This slot really does fire out its jackpot and they are won on average every 14 days! In fact whilst the jackpots won on average by players may not be life changing the amount each player has won on average is some $/€/£ 66,569.58, so that is certainly a jackpot worth winning!

If you want to play some slot games which can and do awarded their progressive jackpots every few minutes or so then make sure you play the Marvel Jackpot slots. Those slots have four jackpots attached to them and it is of course the smaller valued one that is won several items an hour on average!